Booking information have been updated since 8 Aug 2022. Please read before you make a booking.
Validity for Booking
  • Minimum age for attending the retreat is eighteen years old.
  • For all 9-Day retreats:
    • You should have done at least two weekend retreats in Jhana Grove (OR if you have done other long meditation retreats elsewhere OR if you are a regular meditator);
    • Only BSWA Full Members or its related organisations will be eligible when the booking is open.
      Your membership status will be verified post booking and if not valid, your booking will be cancelled!
  • Starting from 2023 retreats, only BSWA members (Full or Associate Members) or its related organisations will be welcome to join the waitlist when it opens.
  • Additionally, for Ajahn Brahm 9-Day Retreat:
    • You can only attend ONE Ajahn Brahm BSWA 9-Day Retreat each year!
    • While on waitlist, allocated priority may be given to Seniors and first timers to Ajahn Brahm retreats in Jhana Grove.
  • For weekend retreat:
    • it is recommended that you have at least done an Intro to Meditation course or its equivalent or have some meditation experience.
    • Starting from 2023 retreats, only BSWA members (Full or Associate Members) and its related organisations can join weekend retreats.
Booking instructions
  • {First time in Jhana Grove - Please read our website to understand more before making a booking.}
  • If you visit before the retreat booking opening time, refresh the page at the booking opening time to see the BOOK NOW button. Please note that retreat bookings may be full within a few minutes.
  • Keep your credit card ready to pay via PayPal. The room bond for 9 day retreat is $280 & for Weekend retreat is $120.
  • Click Here to do an actual donation of $9 using PayPal in advance. This is to help you check & confirm well in advance if your PayPal account works as there is restriction for overseas donations in some countries like Singapore. Alternatively you may use your overseas contact's PayPal account for booking the room.
  • You should check your email for the booking confirmation once your payment is successful. In case you did not receive the email, please check your junk or spam folder as emails might have been filtered. Note as well that booking confirmation will be sent to the same email address as your Pay pal account.
  • Proof of payment is not proof of booking. So please ensure you receive the booking confirmation else email
  • If you have questions about your booking, please email